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May 16th 2005

If you don't update a site at least once a year, it's time to reconsider even having a page.  It's not that I don't like to update or anything.  It's just that in the final analysis I'm a very, very lazy person.

To make my life easier I now post on a blogger site.  You can visit it at

June 15th 2004

Hmm.  Has it really been months since I updated?  Guess so.  Seems like old times, doesn't it?  Never could keep my own page going.

It's summer time, and that's my excuse.  Too busy to be spending time keeping my web page current.  I haven't been in hiding though.  Every monday I have a new article up at The Corporation called "The Monday Morning Developer".  If you're not a gaming news junkie don't bother with it, but I decided to keep an archive of my material up.  The other big news is that I'm going back to cartooning.  I'm in the process of writing an illustrated history of computer gaming.  Why?  Well, I recieved a hell of a nice e-mail from a cartoonist whose work I admire.  He encouraged me to do comics again.  Now, in all fairness he never saw how bad my work was, but it did get the bug in my ear.  I have 20 panels completed in ink, and I'll be running it at the Corporation as soon as it's ready.

I put up a few pictures as well.  I would promise to get better at keeping current with that sort of thing, but I think we all know the truth on that.   Click here or here to see the new pictures.

April 7th 2004

I have a new article up at The Corp.  Unless you have a sick fascination with the business end of the game industry, it may not hold much appeal.  It's the first of a multi-part look at the subscription based online game industry.  I have to admit, some of the figures surprised me.  I believed that the market for online games had collapsed, and that games of this nature were doomed to fail.  Surprisingly, the market isn't dead yet.  It's not as healthy as it should be, but the growth is solid and steady.  You can read the article here.  It's been a pretty busy week.  Julie and I spent time building a computer for my Aunt Claire.  Turns out that Julie is actually a steady hand when it comes to hardware assembly.  She mounted the motherboard, attached the drives, connected the power and installed memory.  Where I would have spent hours sweating over every single detail, Julie just slammed it together and did a better job than any pro.  Astounding. 

April 1st 2004

I added some pictures of a night at the hockey game I spent with my Dad and little Joe.  You can them here.  Buffalo has become cold and wet again.  The warm weather was just a sneak preview of summer, it appears.  Buffalo returns to it's regularly scheduled lousy weather.  Alas.

March 29 2004

It's spring in Buffalo.  A warm sunny day spent flying kites with my son in the park.  Buffalo is a city afflicted with seasonal affective disorder.  We spend month after month holed up in our homes and apartments.  Our moods become progressively worse, and our attitude more bleak.  Then the sun returns and all seems right with the world.  Oh, the economy still sucks, our politicians are corrupt and our sports teams just can't seem to win, but damn it, the sun is out and where else would a person rather live than in Buffalo?  The park was filled with people from all walks of life, from the wealthy lawyers to the crack addled homeless.  Everyone was waving to each other, laughing and trying to forget the previous winter.

The only person who doesn't seem very happy about Spring is little Joe.  As I took him to the park he asked if it was going to snow again.  He wanted to go sledding, make snowmen, and all the other winter activities.  That's fine.  The two of us went golfing and I took some pictures.

The site seems to be coming together a little more.  I plan on putting up a few pictures, links and archives of interviews with me and writing that wouldn't be of interest to the gaming community.

March 26 2004

I said I wouldn't put much writing up.  I may be wrong about that.  I decided that just for the sake of archiving I would put up some writing I do for other sites.  I just posted two articles I wrote for the Corporation.  I also added a little bio about myself, talking about my time working for Origin and random crap about my life.  I promise you it's nothing interesting and I haven't even finished the pages. 

March 23 2004

Did you know I haven't bothered to put up a web site since April of 2000.  Ah, you kids with your X-Boxes, High end video cards and other fancy gadgets.  Back then, a man could make money running a web site.  A great deal happened since then.  I stopped doing web comics, I had a son, and for a short period of time I even worked in the video game industry.  I moved from Colorado to Austin and then back again before packing the family back to the chilly land of Buffalo, NY. 

It's been a long three years.  I don't know what I plan on doing with this web site.  I won't use it for writing.  If I do any writing now it's mostly for The Corporation, one of the Lum legacy sites that sprung up.  I'm still interested in video games, just not with the same level of passion as before.  I won't be doing comics again.  It's almost painful to look back on them now. 

Many thanks to Rasputin for putting up this site.


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