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What is the Monday Morning Developer?  Well, I was pretty much out of practice when it came to writing.  When I became interested in computer games again, I needed something that would keep me on a schedule.  Taking inspiration from the phrase "Monday Morning Quarterback" I decided to poke a little fun at web pundits who have all the easy answers when it comes to game design.  The title also keeps me on a deadline since it has to be out on Monday.  Trust me, I need it.

Well, here they are for what it's worth.

MMD #1- This is where I started it all.  Why did I chose to write in the third person?  It was to help add to the image of the grouchy armchair developer.  I like to think the idea of Monday Morning Quarterbacking is an archetype found in all professions.  Nitpicking is Universal.  For the first article I covered UO scandals and E3.

MMD #2- I started to get more comfortable with the format.  This week is sex, money and a new feature where I look at why games fail.  I cover Ultima 9, something I had reviewed years ago.

MMD #3- I call it "Fat Elvis Syndrome" where a person who reaches the top of his or her profession experiences burnout that leads to poor decision.  In this week it's Warren Spector, Singles and more sex in gaming.

MMD #4- I poke fun at some online games, cover some industry news and start adding in stories about Joe into the mix.  I don't plan on making stories about my son the center point of every week, but it does give a chance to add some levity.

MMD#5-  Boy was I sick when I wrote this.  I cover one of my big addictions.  Football games on the PS2.


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